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The pandemic is not over yet, Fresh AF Cupwipes

Fresh AF Cupwipes

The pandemic is not over yet - washing your hands is your superpower in the fight against the virus and protecting yourself and your loved ones. It is easy to fail to appreciate how powerful it is!

Lunette Cupwipes are ethanol-based cleaning wipes. They have great cleaning efficiency since they include over 80% (82% to be exact) of alcohol!

They can be used for hands, electronics and other surfaces, although we do encourage you to test material suitability before applying. Keep in mind that they might dry and irritate sensitive skin as they are primarily designed for cleaning menstrual cups.

Nevertheless, we feel they are a great tool to keep up with good hygiene during these unusual times. To get the right mindset for your most important job of 2020: Wash or wipe your hands like you just cut some chillies and now have to put contact lenses in.

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