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Plastic-Free Holiday

If you’re trying to go plastic-free, your summer holiday is going to sorely test you, as I found out through #plasticfreejuly when I headed off to Poros, an island just an hour’s ferry ride away from Athens.

See, not only are you dealing with the travel side of things (airports are not the type of place you can take your Tupperware to fill up with fresh, unwrapped produce to keep you going throughout your travel day), you’re also dealing with another country’s approach to plastic waste and until you figure out how that works, you’re going to struggle to plan effectively.

But I digress. First things first...


I went into my holiday with the best intentions. .

I did some of my very best planning ahead, thinking which toiletries I’d need and how to prepare without purchasing any plastic. My finished wash bag consisted of the following..

If you guys have any plastic-free or environmentally friendly tips for travel then let us know

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