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Believe it or not, my health and wellness journey started at a Bed Bath & Beyond when a worker was demonstrating how to use a juicer. I tried my first carrot juice that morning, and since then, I have made it a point to be more aware about what I put into my body. Not only do I look closely at food labels and where my produce is sourced from, but I also try to use non-toxic makeup and skincare products.

But what about feminine products? At the age of 13, I only knew about two options when it came to menstrual products: tampons and pads. Little did I know that many of the popular brands I was using were full of dyes, fragrances, and chemicals. Not only were these chemicals getting quickly absorbed by my body (the vagina is one of the most absorbent areas in the female body), but the single-use tampons had packaging and applicators that weren’t good for the environment.

I started my search for an alternative that was beneficial for both my body and for the environment. Not too long after, I came across the Lunette menstrual cup. The Lunette cup is an FDA-cleared silicone cup that provides safe and chemical-free protection during your period. The menstrual cup is also doctor-approved. Dr. Sherry Ross, celebrity OBGYN and best-selling author, says that it’s the softest choice for her patients’ bodies and it’s safe for those using an IUD. Lunette is also one of the only zero-waste period brands, which includes its packaging.

My search for a new product was a success.

I will be honest, the idea of using a product without an applicator intimidated me at first. But after taking the cute pink cup out of the package, I quickly took notice of how soft and flexible the silicone was, which made insertion very comfortable. Wearing it throughout the day felt so natural that at some points I forgot it was there.

Lunette cup comes in two different sizes, depending on the heaviness of your flow, and the package also includes a little manual on how to insert, remove, and even clean it (they also make a period cup cleanser).

The beauty about the Lunette cup is that you can wear it for up to 10 hours, which means you can wear it through exercise, during a long plane ride, or throughout your workday without having to change it.

My biggest holdup before using the cup was the fear of having to clean my cup in public. Do I clean it in the sink in front of everyone? Well, guess what? Lunette also has biodegradable Cupwipes that are made for the woman on the go. So if you find yourself out for longer than you planned for, the wipes are a quick and easy way to clean your cup in the privacy of a bathroom stall.

My very first experience with the Lunette cup was filled with practice and learning curves, but I am happy I made the transition over from tampons. I feel satisfied knowing that I’m more in touch with my body and that I’m making a choice that leaves both my body and the environment happy and free from chemicals and unwanted waste.


Time has come to make your body happy and save environment

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