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Lunette Triumphs! 🏆

Lunette Triumphs! 🏆

We couldn’t be more thrilled about where we have come over the past 15 years and the exciting future that lies ahead. Lunette is more than just a menstrual cup. We’re a group of passionate and creative value-activists and together with you we are able to spread a powerful message and constantly evolve to further strengthen our position globally as the leading menstrual cup brand. We are honored to have been recognized with the following awards this month!

German Sustainability Award 2021

The German Sustainability Award honors companies that are particularly successful in meeting environmental and social challenges with their products and services and thereby use sustainability as an economic opportunity.

As you might remember from our August newsletter, Lunette was nominated in the German Sustainability Awards. We are now thrilled to announce that out of the 46 nominees we made it to the finals! The finalists represent the best of the best, qualified by their outstanding sustainable solutions. The jury will select the winners from this top pool of applicants, identifying the most effective contributions to sustainable transformation -

the winners will be announced in the award ceremony on Dec 3rd.

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