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Lunette: The Future Of Period Care

Lunette: The Future Of Period Care

Because we deserve products that are better for our bodies, our bank accounts and the environment.

Made in Finland by forward-thinking entrepreneurs, this small but mighty menstrual cup is making a BIG difference all over the world.

A high quality 💙

Long lasting 💙

Easy to use 💙

product was just the start.

Every time someone chooses Lunette they are supporting period positivity and locally-driven, impactful women's rights movements all over the world. Vegan, BPA free and a from company with a mission. This is the future of period care.

More than a company

Our mission is to have honest and inspiring conversation about menstruation so that we can motivate period positivity- and change the world one cup at a time.

Lunette is so much more than a cup.

It's a lifestyle It's a community It's the future.

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