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Lunette Cup is the "Best of the best!" 💁‍♀️💙

JUN 08, 2019

The best menstrual cup

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Unlike tampons, Lunette menstrual cups are not associated with the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

While menstrual cups aren't as commonly used as tampons or pads, they are better for that time of the month. For one, they are reusable, which means after an initial expense, there is no more spending money on sanitary products. And because they are reusable and long-lasting, Lunette menstrual cups are also eco-friendly. What's more, they can be worn for up to 12 hours (10hrs in Tropical climate, for hygiene reason), and Lunette cups have five times the capacity of tampons — great news for women with heavy flow.

If you're curious about Lunette menstrual cups, read on for more information and product recommendations. We're particularly proud of our recommendation (Thai & English), Lunette is the easiest to use (and easiest to clean) on World menstrual cup on the market.

Lunette Cup is the "Best of the best!" 💁‍♀️💙

Considerations when choosing menstrual cups


There are many benefits to using a Lunette menstrual cup over tampons and pads. Comfort is a big one. Many women find menstrual cups more comfortable than tampons. In terms of insertion, if you're comfortable inserting a non-applicator tampon, you'd probably be comfortable inserting a menstrual cup. Active users find them less likely to leak during sports and exercise, too.


Not only are Lunette menstrual cups better for the environment, they're also best for your body, as they contain zero fragrances, chlorine, bleach, or other chemicals found in tampons and pads. Lunette Menstrual cups are non-irritating to women with skin sensitivities and conditions. Lunette Menstrual cups are made from medical-High grade silicone, which is great news for those with latex allergies.

Choosing a size

Lunette Menstrual cups have two sizes that menstrual cups come in: a smaller size (Model 1) and a larger size (Model 2). For those under 30 and who haven't given vaginal birth, the smaller size (model 1) is recommended. For those over 30 or who have given vaginal birth, the larger size (Model 2) is recommended. If you have a heavier flow, you may want to consider the larger size (Model 2) because of its greater capacity.


Lunette Menstrual cups capacity for a menstrual cup is between 25 and 30 mL. To put this in perspective, most women shed 30 to 120 mL during an entire cycle. If you have heavy periods, you might want to consider a cup with a capacity of 30 mL automatically. If you have light cycles, you might want to consider a cup with a capacity of 20 mL.

Your lifestyle is also a factor in choosing the right capacity. For instance, if you have a job where you can't use the bathroom at your leisure, you might consider a cup with larger capacity.


Lunette Menstrual cups are very firm. Firmer cups have a tighter seal once inserted, which means less chance of leaking. They are also more likely to open properly once inside. Do not consider to buy cheap cups as they are mainly copy made and do not hold and are firmless with in very short period time.


Q. How do you empty a menstrual cup?

A. You can safely wear a menstrual cup up to 12 hours (10hrs in Tropic climate) before having to empty it. Normally, menstrual cups are emptied in the sink, then rinsed before reinsertion. If you're using a public restroom and don't feel comfortable using the sink, you can empty your cup in the toilet bowl and wipe out the cup with toilet paper (or rinse it with water if toilet have it). We recommend washing your hands before going into the stall for this process.

Q. How long do these cups last?

A. Lunette Menstrual cups can last several (Many many) yrs. Silicone cups also last a long time. If your cup splits, becomes sticky, or starts to leak, it's time to replace it.

Clear cups will become discolored from use, which is not an indication that they need to be replaced. If this bothers you, we recommend purchasing a colored cup.

Q. What is the stem at the end of the cup? 

A. Lunette Menstrual cups stem is simply there to help you remove the cup. If you feel it's too long or not necessary, you can simply trim it with scissors. Just be careful not to nick the cup itself.

Menstrual cups we recommend

Best of the best: Lunette Menstrual Cup

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