Listening to your body

Periods are very much about listening to your body. Because most women, they know when their period is coming. And that’s a very special thing. To be able to sense something in your body has changed. -


This is Sophia’s period story. 💙

If you’d like to hear Sophia’s whole story about What’s Underneath, check out the full episode at @stylelikeu. Live now on IGTV and YT. 🔥

Not familiar with The What’s Underneath Project?

This beautiful collection of stories told by the amazing mother-daughter duo at @stylelikeu features brave individuals who proudly stand outside of norms and are comfortable in their own skin, stripping away layers of cultural conditioning both figuratively and literally, talking about the evolution of their self-image while shedding away clothing one piece at a time. Through intimate storytelling, they are claiming self-acceptance while raising awareness and creating healing around all-too-often taboo topics in our society.

We are SO EXCITED to have gotten to partner with StyleLikeU to help bring these empowering stories to life. ✨

New episodes launch every Tuesday through mid-December at @stylelikeu.

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